Who am I

So you found my personal corner of the internet, how elated I am to have you here! My name is Mike O’Donnell and I am a total computer nerd and have been for about 3 years now. I have always had an interest in creating things, however it has not been until my introduction to various programming languages and micro controllers that I now feel I have the means to do so with an endless ceiling of opportunity. I feel compelled to push forward in using my ever growing knowledge of these languages and various electronics to accomplish any task or problem I am confronted with. I have no intention of completing any projects specifically as I only intend on working on what I feel is a worth while project to pursue.

This website is here to serve as a guide to those following in similar projects as those posted here as well as an online archive of all my projects completed to date. I cannot promise regular updates do to my lively schedule. I will also only update when I feel a project is ready to be updated, this could also cause delays through annoying bugs and other issues that may come along through out the projects life.

I hope you find the information found here helpful and interesting. Any comments you may have can be directed to me via my contact page!

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